Since I was a young boy, I was fascinated by sciences and scientific anomalies. In my youth I devoured the “Horrible Science” book series amongst others and growing up I kept a healthy interest in sciences. That’s why after graduating from high school, I decided to study Bioscience engineering at Ghent University (UGent). Born one year early for the master Bioinfomatics, I chose ’cell- and gene biotechnology’ as a specialization in which I obtained my masters degree in 2016. To satisfy my interest for informatics I chose my thesis in the field Bioinformatics at BioBix, where September that same year I started as an teaching assistant/researcher.

My main research topics comprise:

  • Epigenetics throughout human evolution
  • Next generation sequencing analysis

Louis Coussement

Assisting Academic Staff

Applied omics, Epigenetics, Genome aging, Evolutionary (epi)genetics