Because of my interest in molecular biology I enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Biotechnology at Ghent university. In the final year of this programme I was first introduced to bioinformatics, and immediately was convinced by the enormous power of biocomputational tools for genetic research.
When I realized the opportunities that lie in the field of bioinformatics, I wanted to continue my academic career in this direction and chose to study the Master of Science in Bioinformatics – Bioscience Engineering, in which I graduated in 2020. 

In my PhD I focus on allele-specific gene expression in cancer using RNA-seq data, while testing and validating the MAGE (Modeller of Allelic Gene Expression) software that is being developed in the BIOBIX lab. Currently I am conducting a pancancer study of allele-specific gene expression and an exploration of the effects of tumor purity on (epi)genetic analyses. 

Floris Voorthuijzen

Doctoral Student

Allele-specific gene expression, (epi)genomics, transcriptomics, cancer biology