Passionate towards innovation in applied biomarker research.
Daisy Flamez obtained her PhD in sciences – specialization molecular biology/tumor immunobiology – in the Walter Fiers lab at Ghent University and has over 15 years of postdoctoral experience in diabetes research with numerous international collaborations. She is author of two diabetes biomarker patents.
Since 2010 she coordinates BIOMARKED, the business unit of Ghent University focused on pre-clinical applied biomarker research and innovation. She is an experienced techtransfer professional supporting academic researchers in translating science to innovation opportunities for Pharma/Biotech.
With almost seven years of business development experience, she facilitated the setup and management of numerous (inter)national bilateral R&D collaborations and the setup of the Centers of Excellence NXTGNT and Cancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG). She realized over 10 licensing and option contracts and facilitated 2 spin-out companies (Statter and Pxlence). She actively assisted in the award of > € 10M of innovation funds.


Biomarker pre-clinical research for diagnostics and targeted therapies, oncology, diabetes, HIV and ageing diseases, business development and contract management, network and partnering with industrial partners, patent portfolio management, facilitation of obtaining (inter)national innovation funds, licensing, setup of spin-offs.

Daisy Flamez

Scientific Staff

Coordinator of the BIOMARKED consortium, Coordinator of the UGent CRIG Business Unit